AutoMax™ consists of the latest technological tactics to enhance business operations. All subsystems are integrated in a dynamic way to provide an auto intelligent agent who will handle the data, send information, and raise notifications to the authorized personnel to use this valuable decision-making process, especially in critical situations. 

AutoMax™ follows a customized workflow to make decisions based on higher productivity and much better-quality performance standards.

  • Reliable tools
  • Increase productivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Competitive advantage
  • User friendly
  • Increase organizational uptime
  • Speed and agility
  • End-to-end automation
  • Unified operations
  • Highly secured operations


Management System


Management System



Unified Communications

AutoMax Unified Communication system combines all internal and external communications (Inbound calls & outbound calls). It can be linked to emergency numbers such as 998, 940, or other lines. It also supports free communication lines (toll-free), video calls, chats, short messages (SMS), social media, and the possibility of being linked to IVR service.

Incident Management System

AutoMax Incident management system (IMS) allows recording all received incidents through the call center by dispatching them to the user to open a new incident, create an incident ticket inside the system and fill in the data according to the caller description, then linking the incidents with their geographical locations.

Escalation Management System

Escalation management reports important notifications automatically to specialists and decision-makers according to structuring specified by the Organization Standard Operating Procedures. Escalation can be done in many ways (SMS, IVR, email, and fax).

Workforce Management System

An integrated system for effectively managing the workforce, equipped with the latest devices and software. WFMS provides the ability to classify the workforce as per specialties and work skills. WFMS also allows organizing the major and sub-tasks in addition to scheduling and distributing them to the workforce according to the nature of work and the skills needed to perform the tasks. WFMS enables the administration of activities through a clear and reliable sequence of procedures and responsibilities.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the most important element in AutoMax; it includes more than 240 reports, allowing management to have in-depth information about the whole operations.BI provides instantaneous statistic reports to support planning and decision-making processes and provides the ability to follow the course of work periodically. 

Fleet Management

Fleet management software ensures business corporates control and coordinates their entire fleets via a central information system. Incorporating fleet management software allows real-time tracking, algorithm-based predictions for vehicle maintenance, thus making fleet management efficient and convenient.