The Way to Paperless HR management with FOX HR

May 2022

The human resource department of every organization is shouldered with key responsibilities. Managing bundles of papers for the HR teams has become a dreaded task.
The introduction of FOX HR enables HR teams to become relatively paperless and reduces the burden of managing the never-ending paper files. A paperless HR management platform can contribute to a significant increase in the efficiency of the HR teams.

There are numerous benefits that a paperless HRMS platform can bring to an organization; moreover, it is environmentally friendly.

Benefits of a paperless HR department

  • Streamlines data collection process
  • The hassle-free employee onboarding experience
  • Easy and error-free payroll management
  • Accurate and efficient employee leave management

Building a paperless HR department with FOX HR

• Finding HR files is made easier with paperless HR

Manually filling paper documents are prone to more mistakes. Misfiled papers consume hours or even days for HR teams to find them. The FOX HR platform systematically names and files record in an organized way by eliminating manual errors. An organized and searchable way makes it easier to find files again later.

• Automate your record-keeping

In an increasingly digital world, managing HR files has become extremely inefficient. FOX HR enables you to keep all data, employee records, and every piece of HR-related information at your fingertips, and it automates the record-keeping journey safe and secure.
Automated HR solutions offer to encrypt sensitive data and adopt protective measures to keep all the data secured.

• Employee self-service features

THE FOX HR platform enables employees' self-service feature to update their own information. It makes it easier to ensure that employee data remains accurate and updated always. Moreover, HR teams can view the changes made, creating 360-degree transparency and accountability on employee data.
This is one of the benefits of shifting to a paperless HR management system.

• Efficient and improved workflow

Automated controls save HR professionals from going round in circles. Every data on new employee onboarding, payroll management, updating employee information, etc., has become way easier to deal with, saving HR teams time and increasing productivity.

• Environmentally conscious

Integrating FOX HR software will help reduce the carbon footprint and help organizations go green. So along with providing transparent, accessible, and digital HR management, this platform is an eco-conservative solution too.

• The hassle-free employee onboarding process

The employee onboarding process is done effectively using HRMS platforms. Employees are given the forms and orientation materials after the onboarding process, and employees can easily complete the forms at their convenience. Also, the files and data will be stored in the employee profile.

• Employees are more engaged in the process.

In the paperless onboarding process, employees need not watch training videos for hours or listen to company history; instead, it provides better employee engagement, and they can search for answers themselves. Moreover, they need not fill all the forms at once. The paperless onboarding process tends to be more appealing and interesting when considered paper forms.

To sum up

Paperless HR management solutions are a cost-effective and efficient way to meet the requirements of the HR team.
In this drastically changing world, organizations must be aware of their responsibility towards their environment. Relying on paperless HR software can thus save money, time, and the environment.