Digitized Agricultural practices: Now a reality with Fox ERP

Mar 2022

The world has gone upside down with the challenges thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the initial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in opportunities, the investments made into digital tools and technologies also saw an upthrust from significant players across the industries.

While the initial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in opportunities, the investments made into digital tools and technologies also saw an upthrust from significant players across the industries.
The concept of Agrotech or technology in the agriculture industry has stayed for a few decades.
Still, the potential it holds remains unrecognized well until early 2021, when the world underwent the pandemic.
Internet technologies, the internet, and emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, RPA, and automation, among others, required digitization, the impact of digitized business practices, while the pandemic grappled the world.
Like other industries, which observed the digitized business practices to upgrade the functioning across several business units, agriculture, too, found the agricultural activities at the helm of digitization, which only brought more benefits with the digitization.
Digital tools and technologies include remote satellite data and in-situ sensors to improve accuracy and reduce the cost of monitoring crop growth, land or water quality, and traceability technologies.
The digital logistics services offer the potential to streamline agri-food supply chains.
In contrast, the activities such as tracking crop cycles, weather forecasts, and information regarding soil and water content get further analyzed with digitized agro practices.
Governments and government institutions, too, play a vital role in easing the streamlining of agro practices into all-new digitally transformed businesses.
Digital technologies help governments improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing policies and programs and design better ones with the digitization of agro-business practices.
Governments also play a crucial role in managing agricultural activities by streamlining and digitizing several agro-based activities and improving the overall performance of agro activities.
For instance, freely available and high-quality satellite imagery dramatically reduces the cost of monitoring many agricultural activities, thereby easing the entire agro activities.
Such moves also enable governments to move towards more targeted policies help based on farmers maintaining an environmental balance by reducing the carbon footprint from otherwise manual activities.
Furthermore, the monitoring compliance with the environmental policies and digital technologies enable automation of administrative processes for agriculture and the development of expanded government services.
Government initiatives and supporting policies have always been an integral part of the agro-industry.
Be it the clearances needed from government bodies by the agro-business players or the supportive funds, guidelines, initiatives, and government initiatives that form the baseline of agro activities.
The technological advancements support achieving more resilient, productive, and sustainable agriculture systems aligned with consumer needs.
These benefits come directly via the adoption of technologies or by streamlining of business activities; everything adds value to digitized business practices.
Fox ERP is one such software that helps agro-business players and farmers realize this dream of digitizing and streamlining the business processes.
Fox ERP for Agriculture manages the entire agriculture business cycle with its unique features that record and track the crop field's locations, diseases of crops and plants, fertilizers, and the overall crop cycles.
Its unparalleled advantages over any conventional ERP make it the most suitable ERP product compared to others.
It is the most user-friendly ERP because of its elegant & straightforward UI, allowing users to achieve maximum output with minimal clicks.
Fox ERP also helps organizations record and track orders and invoices along with crops and fertilizers, benefitting various agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain.
Some of the essential operations that Fox ERP digitizes include crop management that analyzes crop growth against crop models.
Fox ERP considers other farming activities such as analyzing crop cycles and recording sowing, irrigation, harvesting by creating custom cycles.
Its unique features let farmers track and record the diseases that might occur, hence taking crucial steps to combat them.
Furthermore, "Fox ERP for Agriculture" enables farmers to integrate crop models, satellite imagery, and weather forecast data along with the soil data to optimize fertilizer availability and create crop-specific application recommendations.


Digital is the new normal. Like other industries, the agriculture industry is also leveraging the benefits of digitization with its unique advantages and unparalleled features.
In alignment with their farmers, the agro-business organizations are investing massively in agro tools and technologies that ease the entire agro processes, easing up the whole agro value chain, enabling a digitally transformed environment for farmers agro-business players.
Furthermore, the government clearances and agro initiatives help farm businesses and organizations bridge the gap between manual farming activities and digitized business practices.