Digitizing the schools with streamlined business processes from "Fox ERP for Education."

Dec 2021

The COVID-19 emergence shook the world upside down.
The schools and colleges had to be shut, the offices closed, and the markets got lockdown with immediate effect as global shutdown prevailed all over.
This sudden move from the government to curb the virus from spreading further was inevitable, bringing the world to a standstill.

Lockdown resulted in lockdowns that gave rise to remote working. Such moves leveraged digitization and Digitalization and enhanced the effective digitized way in the education system.
Furthermore, digitization and Digitalization revolutionized the education sector, making education-related activities digital.
Like any other sector, the education sector utilizes digital tools to provide uninterrupted, seamless education to the students.
The video conferencing apps, integration with online tools, and online LMS (Learning management system) have resulted in a digital experience, making the students unleash digital power.
Creating a digital school, leveraging the power of digitization, results in distance digitally capable institutions with synchronous and asynchronous learning tools and processes.
The streamlining of business processes is essential for any business to achieve its goals and objectives more efficiently in this digitized era.
Also, known as Smart Learning, the digital education market will be reaching USD 90 Billion by 2025.
This exponential rise in the market figure attributes to the rising demands for LMS software that effectively manages learning content, adding more value to digital education.
Furthermore, the commercialization of digital education further expands the digital education system, which will only increase in the days to come.
“Fox ERP for Education” is an ERP software that manages the entire education business cycle with its unique features by tracking and recording the critical and necessary information and the overall complete education management cycle.
"Fox ERP for education" lets educational institutes manage various essential activities in their education business, such as creating a student application, maintaining students' personal information, and setting up student's programs and courses.
It also tracks and manages each student's attendance in a unique system.
However, with numerous ERP vendors, educational organizations, at times, find it challenging to choose one among many.
Implementing ERP in schools takes a framework that follows several steps to derive desired goals and objectives.

1. IT Implementation

Schools utilize traditional activities, maintain records, and perform functions in most countries. However, IT implementation becomes a prerequisite to achieving effective, hassle-free, streamlined educational processes that effectively implement ERP solutions.

2. Integration with ERP

Once the traditional ways of education integrate with ERP, the educational activities turn to automated ones, turning schools into digital schools, transforming them digitally.
Third-party integrations, API integrations, integration within the processes have become prevalent since Industry 4.0 has taken over.
Education methods and teaching pedagogy result in the benefits such as easy submissions and grading systems, better collaboration with students and other departments, and easy access to a repository of teacher training.

3. Implementation Modes

Unlike other corporate organizations, the setup with schools is different.
During the lockdown, the schools leverage online tools and video conferencing software for the class's purpose.
Fox ERP's "Do it yourself" mode makes it ideal for implementation with less expertise and the requirement of complex IT iterations.

4. Setting up the Mindset

It’s all about intentions, they say.
No matter how great the expertise you have or high elaborative your pedagogy be if the educational professionals and students don't come up with the right intention of digital tools and willingness to learn digitally, it becomes difficult to utilize the benefits that come along with the ERP.
Encouraging students and teachers, managing the digital tools and setups, and imbibing the right mindset help achieve a digital school.
Additionally, "Fox ERP" for education automates the students' attendance, handles documents virtually, and manages students' applications for all the programs in one place.
It creates an automated "Student Applicant" record that contains critical and necessary student information.
Its automated document storage feature enables users to upload and share multimedia files such as images, videos, and documents directly or using a web link.
Moreover, Fox ERP eases the program enrollment criteria, tracks and manages payment details and status of due fees.


Digitization and Digitalization are the new normal. Once the pandemic gets over and things become normal, digital transformation will be the new normal for the upcoming decades and more.
With its unparalleled features and digitally driven benefits, Fox ERP makes the education industry convert its digital schools dream with utmost efficiency.