Secure Video Conferencing Platforms: The Best Way to Encrypt Video Meetings

Mar 2022

By adopting remote work, organizations embrace and hold video conferences than ever. Security is a prime factor concerning these video conferences, as there are chances for hackers to devise more creative ways to obtain vital and sensitive information from organizations.

Hackers can modify and manipulate data, resulting in a data breach. Fortunately, there are various ways to safeguard your video conferences and secure your data.
Now, let us move on to see the crucial ways to encrypt video conferences:

Secure video conferencing with Axionic

A secure video or audio conferencing is an encrypted configuration that safeguards the information during web meetings. It enables the participants to access the details and not share them with anyone else.

Creating encrypted video conferences with Axionic

Organizations can easily set up encrypted video conferences if you have a reputable service provider like Axionic. This platform enables automated encrypted meetings to keep the data and communication secure.

Consider end-to-end encryption

An end-to-end encrypted video conferencing platform allows only attendees to enter and join the meeting. This is an important aspect to consider while hosting video meetings. It keeps video conferences safe and prevents third parties from accessing meeting information.
Ensure your video conferencing software is up to date. Additional and high-end features are included in updated software, which improves the security of your online meetings. Do this regularly to ensure effective communication and security of your data.

Create unbreakable passwords

Every attendee needs a password to use to access the meeting. Make secure passwords that are difficult to guess and assign a unique password to each individual.
Block intruders who haven’t been invited to the meeting, even if they are part of your team. Make sure that only the invited members attend the meeting.

Limit sharing

Considering the sensitivity of the meeting, some meetings can be opened to sharing, while others must be restricted. Limit sharing the meeting details if it includes sensitive information. Meetings can be secured if attendees are clear about what is sensitive and whatnot.

Integrating two-factor authentication

Instead of using single sign-on (SSO) to join video conferences, two-factor authentication adds an extra degree of security, ensuring that only invited participants can access the meeting. For secure video conferences, organizations can look back to the platform that uses two-factor authentication. To ensure that everyone who logs in is permitted, enable this functionality for each participant. This will reduce the number of intruders who obtain access to the platform on their first attempt.

Research video conferencing platforms

Before investing in any video conferencing platform, conduct extensive research on whether the service is reputable and credible one. Go through the privacy and security features offered by the platform, also, if possible, look out the comments from previous or existing customers.

To sum up

As video conferences have turned out to be the need of the hour, security and privacy must not be compromised in any way. Axionic video conferencing ensures that all your conferences are secure and safeguards privacy from intruders.