Streamlining the Retail Businesses get easier with Fox ERP

Mar 2022

Businesses these days are prone to uncertainties.
With the increasing competition, it becomes cumbersome for significant players to penetrate the market and flourish.
This becomes more significant when events like pandemics present businesses with challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of doing business. Be it any sector, from manufacturing to education, almost every industry across the sectors has impacted widely due to the pandemic, with the trading channels going online, depending less on offline stores.
The same applies to the Retail Industry too.
Since the pandemic has emerged, the players in the retail industry, too, are observing such challenges, which has further pushed them to online mediums instead of depending on the offline mode of businesses.
However, it comes with added challenges, such as streamlining several business operations and processes, which has further evolved with the online format of the retail businesses and making it big.
According to recent research, the global market value of the retail business will reach USD 20 Billion by 2027. This substantial growth in the market value of retail attributes to changing customer expectations and technological evolution.
The industrial shift to digital tools and technologies has further augmented the growth of the retail market, making the industry players shift to omnichannel format, penetrating the online channels for retailing.
The automation, digitization, and streamlining of the retail business comes with plenty of benefits, enabling the business players to experience a much more significant shift of customer base to an online medium from the offline mode of retail.
Some of the benefits of digitized business processes are listed below:

1. Convenience

Convenience is a significant differentiator that brings success to organizations. Business processes such as streamlining the product selection and purchase enable consumers to follow the brand for the long term.
Also, the quick turnaround time via online help desks enhances customers' experience, leading to customer delight.

2. Omni-channel Experience

Omnichannel experience defines the success of retail organizations, especially the ones leveraging the online customer experience for their sales and distributions.
Features such as in-depth and creative product descriptions with high-quality images allow retailers to penetrate the business online, thus promoting sales and generating revenues.

3. Fulfillment and Delivery

The terms of fulfillment and delivery have changed today. Earlier, only a few retail vendors used to depend on online mode of sales for their customers.
Came the pandemic, which resulted in global lockdown, the online mode of sales remained the only mode of delivery of goods and services. Business players have turned the sale outlets to delivery pick-up points is the first change towards the shift.
Amidst the competition among the online tools and technologies, ERP remains one of the most preferred software to streamline the business processes and get away with the issues of offline trade.

4. Inventory Management

Consumers enjoy online transactions, which makes the delivery of goods quick and more manageable. Brand preference means less if the shipping costs are higher and take days to reach.
Online notifications, LIVE updates on available inventory, real-time delivery tracking, and included shipping prices lead to an overall enhanced customer experience.

5. Customer Experience

Happy customers enhance businesses.
Retail businesses also rely on satisfied customers as one of their strategies for profits and high business outputs. Organizations offer products with less turnaround time, and higher efficiency improves overall customer experience.
With digital tools and technologies in place, retail businesses are turning into profitable businesses by leveraging happy customers, which sees online purchasing as a viable option in pandemic-like events.
ERP has been the most preferred software for digitizing business processes.
Retail businesses with digitized and streamlined processes tend to achieve more significant outputs and profits than non-digitized ones.
Fox ERP is a comprehensive suite of business process management tools that helps businesses record all the business transactions in one system.
Its standard modules assist businesses with accounting, human resource management, sales, purchase, inventory, CRM, Administration, project and task management, manufacturing.
“Fox ERP for Retail” offers unparalleled advantages over any conventional ERP. It is the most user-friendly ERP because of its simple & elegant UI, allowing users to achieve maximum output with minimal clicks.
Fully integrated with inventory to provide real-time stock control to automated stock replenishment, Fox ERP takes care of all the critical retail business issues, making it more digitized and streamlined.


Businesses are getting digitized these days. As the competition in retail businesses is on the surge, the companies are moving to an automated version, enabling business players to leverage the benefits of digital transformation.
"Fox ERP for Retail" helps organizations leverage digitized and streamlined format focussing on multiple benefits of digital tools and technologies.